CHEVY C8 Stingray ( 2020 - ) Front Lower Valance Set 4 FULL REPLACEMENTS - Includes new OEM parts

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Optional Finishes
Body Color Matched Frames, 4 Front Grilles
Style Of Weave
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Approx 30 day turn around (production backlog) time frame.

Types: Full Replacements  ( Remove stock parts, replace with RaceMesh Grilles parts.  Bumper removal required & With Z51 trimming of the air ducts, Without Z51 remove inner covers )

4 Front Lower Valance Grilles > Full OEM Replacement parts (4) 

Highest Quality RaceMesh Grilles >  Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh   <  

OPTIONS: Original Style Weave or Gothic Style Weave & RaceMesh Grilles COLOR preference option ( 11 standard Colors + custom colors on request )

OPTION: Body Color Matched FRAMES > 4 Front Lower Valance Grilles  ( Default color: Carbon Flash Metallic WA-501Q )