Pictured with custom white kidney grille surrounds
Pictured with custom white kidney grille surrounds

BMW F06 F12 F13 and M Performance Kidneys Grilles with OPTION for adding Lower Valance (2009 - 2015)

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Part Number:RMGF06F12F13K

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Optional Finishes
Black Surrounds (Optional) Chrome are the DEFAULT color
With Gloss Black Surrounds
ADD the matching Lower Valance Grille STANDARD or M PERFORMANCE
All products are Made To Order and not stocked. 

Approx 30 day turn around (production backlog) time frame. 

Type: Full Replacements ( Chrome surrounds, or Gloss Black Surrounds ).
NOTE: Chrome surrounds are default color.
OPTION: Gloss Black surrounds.
NOTE: For vehicles without Night Vision with Human Recognition.

F06 Grand Coupe (06/2011 — 03/2015)        
F12 (11/2009 — 02/2015)        
F13 (03/2010 — 02/2015)
M Performance

OPTION: Add matching Lower Valance Standard or M Performance.

Please provide us Last 7 of VIN and Picture of front fascia.

Original Style weave > Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh