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Setting vehicles apart one RaceMesh Grille at a time. 

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How it all began................. I added an aftermarket front lip spoiler (Breyton) to my BMW 5-Series, however, afterward I found that the lower grille opening was lacking something. It needed more than the stock plastic grille setup. For several months, I researched and scoured the internet for that perfect aftermarket grille, time after time coming up empty. Nothing that I came across truly was deserving of being on a (my) BMW. I then set out to fabricate something myself, and after many trials and errors, and exploring the Jaguar, Bentley, and Cadillac factory wire mesh grilles, I developed something that I felt was worthy of being on a BMW. I posted a few pictures of my car (with my new creation) on various BMW forums, and the attention it received was tremendous. I offered an initial group buy for a dozen fellow BMW 5-Series enthusiasts, and..................... RaceMesh™ Grilles was officially born. 

Today....... We offer dozens of models, and are developing and adding more each month. We are family owned and operated, and have supplied thousands of customers with custom RaceMesh™ Grilles, and would be honored to provide you with your very own custom RaceMesh Grilles. 

In our early days, RaceMesh™ was featured on a pair of GT (GTO) Racecars ( Go Auto Sport ), deputing at the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race, and RaceMesh™ was in service for the entire race season for both cars on the team! RaceMesh™ Grilles have been featured in BMWCCA Roundel Magazine 8/2005. Our first sponsorships were in 2006, three vehicles at the Las Vegas SEMA event (our 1st year) - GM asked that we do a custom set of RaceMesh Grilles for a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali, and Optima Batteries requested two complete COMBO sets of RaceMesh Grilles for a pair of track ready C6 Z06 Corvettes that hit the race circuit after the SEMA show. Each year since our debut, we have sponsored various SEMA vehicles and will continue to do so each year. RaceMesh Grilles was contacted by Jay Leno's Garage and we built a RaceMesh Grille for his C6 Z06 Corvette, which was featured on Jay Leno's Garage website!

We offer RaceMesh™ Grilles in several standard Silver (Stainless Steel a Gun Metal look), Chrome (Chrome look), and Wrinkle Black ( Textured Blacked Out / Stealth look), Black Chrome, and a unique Silver Leopard finish, each powder coated for durability. In some cases, additional colors are available: Flat Black, Semi-Gloss Black, Gloss Black, Bronze, Copper, Gold, each powder coated finishes. Additionally, we also offer “Color Matching” (Special Order) – We match your vehicles color for the outer surround (rather than the OEM standard Chrome). Where applicable, we utilize new OEM factory or at times new aftermarket parts when fabricating our custom RaceMesh™ Grilles! 

 Note: Each RaceMesh Grille is custom, made to order, for each customer and therefore generally Non-Returnable. 

RMG Dictionary > CUS - TOM ~ made specially for individual customers: custom grilles. adj. 

Made To Order. 

Specializing in the designing and building of Made-To-Order products: a custom grille. Setting vehicles apart, one RaceMesh Grille at a time.

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© RaceMesh™ Grilles All Rights Reserved

Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and Built by RaceMesh™

Setting vehicles apart one RaceMesh Grille at a time.

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